Differences between SnapShot & Snapshot 2.0

Welcome to Snapshot 2.0. It is the same name but _everything_ has changed. For starters, it is a ground-up rewrite. Honestly, that was the easiest way to bring in all the changes and additions that we were dreaming about for a while now. Hold on to your britches, here is a gist of all the changes:

DXCode Repository Integrations
Workflow Scheduler

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Panel Recap – Demystifying AppExchange: Insider Tips for Success

Last week at TrailheaDX I attended a session called, Demystifying AppExchange: Insider Tips for Success led by Hana Mandapat, Senior director, AppExchage partner marketing at Salesforce.   The session included Jennifer Mercer, our CEO at Metazoa, J.J Jakubik, Chief Architect at Vlocity and Dory Weiss, VP of Engineering at nCino.

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