With Winter ’20 release just around the corner, many users will be facing Lightning for the first time. To help your users transition happily to Lightning it is important to first look at some of the possible items that can cause a slow down in the system. Using Snapshot will ensure that you don’t have too many fields on a Page Layout, as the more fields on the page the slower Lightning is going to go.

Yelena Slobard, sf9to5.com, wrote a great blog called, How to declutter your fields using Snapshot. She will join us in our webinar to show how she leverages Snapshot to clean up and optimize her org.

In this webinar, we will:

– Walk through the process of sorting through a single object’s fields and the number of times they are filled in.
– Examine if a field is on a page layout and combine it with the frequency of population of those fields.
– Demonstrate how Snapshot is used to determine if a field is used somewhere else in the system so that you can feel safe with your decision to delete it.
– Explore other ways how Snapshot can help you optimize your org

When: Friday, September 13th

Time:  10:00 am Pacific time



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September 13, 2019