New Snapshot Features Webinar highlights of some of the powerful new capabilities

At Metazoa, we are always striving to enhance Snapshot with new features and capabilities requested by our customers. Please join us for our Summer release webinar where we will highlight some of the powerful new capabilities we have added to Snapshot and show you why it is the only end-to-end Org management solution for Salesforce. Some of the new features we will be highlighting include:

Snapshot permissions: Enforce permissions on a user by Org or Enterprise wide basis as configured by the super admin.

Apex Code quality gateway: Code Quality Gateway to evaluate and measure the quality of Apex and Lightning code before allowing production deployment.

Collaborative snapshots and workspaces: Share metadata backups and deployments pipelines across the enterprise as designed by the super admin.

Improved DX support: Full support for creating unlocked packages using DX.

Enhanced Data Dictionary: Display metadata and data usage in a single view.

Streamlined Profiles and Permission Set comparison view: Visualize  and export differences at a high-level or in drill down mode.

Enhanced Deploy Assets view:  Quickly find/ select/ show/ hide assets via filter.

Webinar Information:

When: June 5th at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST)




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June 5, 2019

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