Metadata changes on the fly

We use Snapshot nearly every day to move configurations across orgs. For example, we have an “out-of-the-box” configuration that we need to


move to every new customer org at the beginning of a new implementation. We use Snapshot to move custom objects, custom fields, page layouts, email templates, process builders, and much more. We also have many cases where a solution consultant has created a configuration for one customer that will be useful for another customer. Before we had Snapshot, we did these configurations by grabbing the newest person on the team and saying, “Hey new guy! We need you to manually do a bunch of configuration work. It will take you a couple of days … hope you don’t get carpal-tunnel syndrome!”We have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars in consultant time since we purchased Snapshot. Our ROI is huge. I highly recommend this app!


— Propel PLMDirector of Professional Services September Higham


“Snapshot gives us a core toolset to handle a wide range of sandbox instances”