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Remove Bad References that Stop Deployments

The Deploy Metadata dialog has an option to “Remove References” that can prevent many problems from happening during a deployment. This option scans Profiles, Permission Sets, Page Layouts, and Custom Objects, and removes any references to assets that are not available in the destination org or included in the current Job List. References are only removed if they are guaranteed to make the deployment fail.

But sometimes you want to remove additional references. Different types of Salesforce orgs often have different standard Fields, Tabs, Applications, User Preferences, etc. These standard assets can’t be reliably discovered and automatically removed. Because of this, we added a “Manage” option to the right of the Remove References checkbox that allows additional assets to be specified by name. You can use an asterisk at the front or back of the name for wildcard matches.

So now, when you get a metadata error that some asset is missing on the destination org, you can add the missing asset name to the list of removed references and try the deployment again. You can also just right-click on the error message and add it that way. This option will save you countless hours that would have been spent cleaning out bad references by hand. More importantly, now you can easily deploy metadata assets between all of the different types of Salesforce orgs.



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