We created world class tools for managing salesforce data and metadata and now we are offering services for Salesforce orgs

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Salesforce Org

Clones    Org Splits    Org Merges

Cloning a Salesforce Org, splitting an Org into other Orgs or merging multiple Salesforce Orgs into one can be nearly impossible.

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Technical Debt Removal

Salesforce Orgs can become unmanageably complex over time. The complexity might stem from a number of reasons such as, mergers, poor management from prior org managers, etc.

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“After a company merger, we were looking for help with our Salesforce org migration. The Metazoa team and Snapshot app is absolutely essential in an endeavor like this. Love it!”

– Jeff McKinnis
Executive Director, Information & Analytics at Trust HCS

Why Metazoa?

The team at Metazoa created Snapshot, the first release management solution for Salesforce in 2006. Over the years, that solution has grown into the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for release management, relational data migration, Org documentation, technical debt removal, and profile & permission set management.

The same team that created these tools now offers a turn-key service for tackling Salesforce Org clones, Org Splits, Org Merges, and the removal of technical debt. By utilizing our toolset and extensive experience, we can offer these services with greater accuracy and efficiency, saving our customers both money and time over traditional consulting services.