Salesforce Orgs can become unmanageably complex over time. The complexity might stem from corporate mergers and acquisitions, poor change and release management practices, failed development projects, or disruptive administrative turnover. This problem tends to be the most severe in the oldest and largest Salesforce Orgs. Complexity can result in slow performance, reduced agility, sluggish adoption, and IT/business misalignment.

If your organization is suffering from the effects of technical debt, Metazoa now offers technical debt analysis and removal as a service. First, our metadata experts will use our proprietary tools to analyze all of the metadata in your Org and present you with a detailed analysis of your technical debt. This analysis will cover all metadata types, including fields, picklists, email templates, groups, queues, roles, reports, etc. Next, our consultants will safely remove the unwanted debt ensuring all of the metadata is backed up if rollback or recovery is required. As part of this technical debt removal, our team can also offer User Connection Cleanup.

We will document all of the connections between active and inactive Users and your Salesforce Org. We can select the connection types that you want to focus on or choose all types. We can then clean up these connections. Various objects are deleted, and in other situations the inactive user is replaced with an active one. And, all of the objects owned by an inactive user can be transferred to another User as well. This service is the most comprehensive of it’s kind available for Salesforce Orgs, and as always our extensive experience and world class tools ensure the work done correctly and efficiently to save you time and money.