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Snapshot provides highly visual tools to deploy metadata assets from a sandbox or Salesforce DX project to a production account. Over 20 comprehensive reports document every aspect of your Salesforce account: unused assets, complex relationships, disaster recovery, data security, and corporate compliance.

  • Change and Release Management
  • Compatible With Salesforce DX
  • Account Security Reporting
  • Compliance and Documentation
  • Discover Problems and Reduce Complexity
  • Automate Snapshots, Deployments, and Reports
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The # 1 Admin Tool for Org Management and Compliance

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Snapshot provides a comprehensive way to visualize the complexity of your org, generate reports on the metadata configuration, deploy changes from sandbox to production, roll back deployments, conduct compliance reporting, clean up unused assets, and track configuration changes over time

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Schedule automated metadata backups. Analyze configuration changes over time or between orgs. Deploy org metadata. Log and audit org changes over time. Document org configuration for compliance. Identify unused metadata. Define workflows for deployments, reports and much more.

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