The ultimate org management toolbox

Metazoa provides a powerful suite of tools that enable Salesforce administrators, consultants and developers to remove technical debt, optimize security, improve compliance, and lower the cost of org ownership. Use the power of AI to simplify complex tasks and optimize your org.

What's in your org?

Find it. Fix it. Maintain it.

Visualize org complexity with our Data Dictionary, Impact Analysis, and Apex Code Quality reports. Discover and remove technical debt with our Field Usage, Forgotten Assets, and Inactive User Cleanup applications. Optimize security with Profiles and Permission Sets, Permission Assignments, Activity Timeline, and Folder Sharing reports. Manage complex orgs with dedicated tooling for Metadata Deployment, Data Migration, and Prompt Engineering.

Technical Debt Removal

Restore org health with optimization and cleanup.

Artificial Intelligence

Automate tasks with an intelligent assistant.

Documentation & Compliance

Visualize org complexity with metadata reporting.

Relational Data Migration

Seed sandboxes and move related data between orgs.

Impact Analysis

Untangle complex metadata dependencies.

Security Optimization

Manage profiles and permission sets for security.

Release Management

Deploy metadata and manage the release cycle.

Org Split, Clone & Merge

Enable corporate mergers and divestitures.

Use Cases by Industry

With a simple right-click, Metazoa helps Salesforce professionals working in Education, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Financial Services

Are you worried about technical debt?

With many Salesforce orgs hitting the 10-year mark, the crippling effects of technical debt are becoming a major problem for both Admins and IT Executives. Technical debt can result in slow performance, reduced agility, sluggish adoption, and the failure to meet business requirements.

Download our Ebook to learn how to get your technical debt under control.

Metazoa is a purpose-driven company

We exist to serve our customers and the Salesforce ecosystem at large. This focus is central to our core values.

We bring our values to life in everything we do, and through the way we connect with our customers, employees and society at large.

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