Metazoa Snapshot For Financial Services

Snapshot offers financial services organizations more than two dozen automated reports that greatly improve...

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Metazoa understands that Salesforce customers in the financial services industry deal with strict compliance and security regulation.

The demand to adhere to external rules and internal controls is extremely important, and the ability to track everything that happens in a Salesforce Org is imperative.

Dozens of Reports

Snapshot offers government organizations more than two dozen reports that greatly improve release management, corporate compliance, governance, and security. 

Multiple Formats

Reports are available in CSV, HTML, PDF, and XLSX format, and can be custom branded with a logo and other details. They can also be sent as email attachments or Chatter Content.

Automated Reports

Never spend time manually creating reports again! Snapshot reports can be scheduled and automated. Most reports have conditional triggers for when problems are detected.

Metadata Reports

Compliance Docs

Security Reports

Data Usage Reports

Financial Services Use Case

Enterprise financial services customers maintain stringent security requirements that have led to a lot of complexity in their profile and permission sets. They needed a way to better understand, edit, and maintain their security model as well as document it for compliance.


While performing frequent sandbox refreshers, one of our large financial services customers was struggling to restore those sandboxes back to a usable state for their dev teams.

They needed a way to repopulate their sandbox with both data and metadata that was preconfigured for their dev-ops process.

Their compliance requiress that they document the current state of their metadata for various Salesforce Orgs. This included a combination of both data and metadata that showed both object and field properties as well as relationships to other metadata assets.

This process was being performed manually in a Spreadsheet and was very time-consuming.


Metazoa Snapshot offered our customer a suite of profile and permission set management capabilities including the ability to map out profile and permission set security in a matrix.

The matrices can be exported to CSV, PDF or HTML, Both matrices can be trimmed to compare specific profiles or permission sets either in the same Org or across Orgs.

Snapshot also offered our customers the capability for both mass editing and mass user assignment of both profiles and permission sets. Lastly, Snapshot also offered an intelligent profile merging feature that will combine similar profiles, automatically create the necessary permission sets, and then reassign users.

Snapshot allowed them to capture a predefined set of metadata and data that the company was able to use to repopulate refreshed sandboxes for their development teams. Snapshot’s comprehensive release management tools allowed their team to migrate these packages into the Sandbox and then perform a detailed comparison to verify that everything was configured correctly.

Snapshot Provides our customers with a detailed data dictionary report that documents the state of both object and field properties for all of their Orgs. The data dictionary report also documented relationships to show where the field was being used across the Orgs, and lastly, they were able to export to both PDF and CSV for Compliance documentation.


Adopting Snapshot as its Org management solution allowed our customer to make sense of their complex security model and document it to meet compliance requirements.

Snapshot’s ability to capture and migrate both data and metadata provided them with the solution they needed to repopulate their refreshed sandboxes and allow their development teams to get back to work without extensive delays.

Snapshot’s data dictionary report provided compliance documentation about the structure of Salesforce Orgs and ended the tedious practices.