Metazoa Snapshot For Health and Life Sciences

Snapshot offers health and life sciences organizations more than two dozen automated reports that greatly improve...

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Metazoa understands that Salesforce customers in the health and life sciences industry deal with strict compliance and security regulation.

The demand to adhere to external rules and internal controls is extremely important, and the ability to track everything that happens in a Salesforce Org is imperative.

Dozens of Reports

Snapshot offers government organizations more than two dozen reports that greatly improve release management, corporate compliance, governance, and security. 

Multiple Formats

Reports are available in CSV, HTML, PDF, and XLSX format, and can be custom branded with a logo and other details. They can also be sent as email attachments or Chatter Content.

Automated Reports

Never spend time manually creating reports again! Snapshot reports can be scheduled and automated. Most reports have conditional triggers for when problems are detected.

Metadata Reports

Compliance Docs

Security Reports

Data Usage Reports

Health & Life Sciences Use Case

Our customer, an enterprise pharmaceutical company, needed a tool to deploy and schedule metadata changes.


Our customer needed a developer and environment engineer to be able to share management of a build. Change Sets, while nice, are not complete enough and they found them as solutions for small instances.

Our customer not only needed to deploy metadata changes on the fly but also to schedule them. Also, Sandbox reporting was critical.

They needed a centralized toolset to manage a broad range of sandbox instances that could handle complex situations, so environment engineers could interrogate sandbox changes as well as maintain builds.


Snapshot was able to give our customer a core toolset to handle a wide range of sandbox instances, with reporting and build management.

The toolset allows for a very flexible and intuitive approach to managing sandboxes and builds on the Salesforce platform while retaining build information for a longer period of time.

Snapshot provides an agnostic way of managing across multiple sandboxes and is flexible enough to manage build/product release while handling administrative and reporting tasks.