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Wooly Reports

“We could not have spun up a community that fast with our complex configuration unless we are using snapshot.”

“What I like most about Snapshot is that it has a lot of really great functionality to check Apex Code Coverage and Quality. It also has functionality that the everyday admin needs and it’s not overwhelming for a system administrator to use.”

“We have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars in consultant time since we purchased Snapshot. Our ROI is huge.”

“We need a centralized toolset to manage a broad range of sandbox instances. It also had to handle complex situations, so environment engineers can interrogate sandbox changes as well as maintain builds.”

“The efficiencies gains using Snapshot and Monarch save the entire team untold hours of manual processes and keep the overall environment running lean and fast.”

Salesforce Consultant
Dale Ziegler

“Snapshot has saved me hours just on time spent to capture an org snapshot. Other tools I use have been clunky and incredibly vulnerable to crashing or timing out. Snapshot works flawlessly, regardless of the size of the org.”

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