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Government organizations that rely on Salesforce can become vulnerable. Snapshot is here to help with…

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Metazoa understands that Salesforce government customers deal with strict compliance and security regulation.

The demand to adhere to external rules and internal controls is extremely important, and the ability to track everything that happens in a Salesforce org is imperative.

Dozens of Reports

Snapshot offers government organizations more than two dozen reports that greatly improve release management, corporate compliance, governance, and security. 

Multiple Formats

Reports are available in CSV, HTML, PDF, and XLSX format, and can be custom branded with a logo and other details. They can also be sent as email attachments or Chatter Content.

Automated Reports

Never spend time manually creating reports again! Snapshot reports can be scheduled and automated. Most reports have conditional triggers for when problems are detected.

Metadata Reports

Compliance Docs

Security Reports

Data Usage Reports

Government Use Case

Veterans Affairs integrates with various governmental and non-governmental agencies with their Salesforce org. This translates to a complex org with tons of metadata connections and a need for stringent testing before releasing any application into production. Along with this need for test data, VA is expected to sanitize this testing to protect the privacy of our armed forces while maintaining strict ownership over data.


Frequent sandbox refreshes necessitate rapid sandbox seeding with both data and updated metadata.

Complex hierarchical data sets mean that repopulating sandboxes is expected to be highly regimented and error-free.

Compliance regulation expects sanitization of personally identifiable information(PII) to protect identifies without compromising on end users’ ability to obtain usable, relatable production data.

Organically grown org expected multiple, overlapping metadata traps like validation rules, triggers, workflows, and duplicate rules that would fire notification when records are created/updated. These need to be circumvented as part of the data migration.


Metazoa Snapshot offered Veterans Affairs an on-premise solution that assisted in maintaining control over security credentials and data while facilitating the rapid organization and deployment of hierarchical datasets.

Snapshot’s ability to parse through metadata to construct complex object hierarchies with multiple branches while retaining parent-child relationships between and within an object without any external server need meant rapid, accurate data migration.

Given Snapshot’s pre/post metadata manipulation that enveloped the data migration, the deactivation and activation of workflow, validation rules, triggers, and duplicate rules were accomplished with minimal human effort, thus maximizing administrator productivity.

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