The Easiest Way to Manage Complex Salesforce Orgs

Manage your Org with clicks instead of code. Snapshot provides powerful tools that help Salesforce Admins reduce technical debt, optimize security, improve compliance, become more productive, and lower the total cost of org ownership. Conquer complex Orgs with our easy-to-use, drag and drop toolset.

Metazoa Snapshot is the industry’s most comprehensive Org Management solution. The core capabilities of Snapshot are discussed below.

Technical Debt Removal

Over 50 reports include profiles and permissions, unused fields and picklists, Apex code coverage, PMD code quality, forgotten assets.

User Management

Bulk edit user permission assignments, monitor user activity timeline, remove connections to inactive users, audit license expense and usage.

Security and Compliance

Generate schema and process reports, monitor org security and trigger alerts. Document your org with data dictionary.

Data Migration

Migrate related data between orgs. Seed sandbox data. Import CSV files. Scramble and transform fields. Prebuilt templates for CPQ, FSL.

Change Impact Analysis

Browse metadata dependencies, create entity relationship diagrams, visualize the impact of metadata changes.

Profile Management

Generate permission matrix reports. View combined security reports by user. Bulk edit profiles and permission sets. Merge similar profiles.

Release Management

Deploy metadata from sandbox to production. Split and merge orgs. Schedule deployment, rollback, and continuous integration.

Metadata Comparison

Compare metadata differences between orgs and changes over time. Monitor security changes to profiles and permission sets.

We built the first Appexchange application back in 2005. Since then, Snapshot has become the gold standard for Org Management. Our customers know why:

"We provide fixed-price services to our customers, so the faster we can do our work, the more profitable we are. We have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars in consultant time since we purchased Snapshot!"

September Higham