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Snapshot offers educational organizations more than two dozen automated reports that greatly improve…

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Metazoa understands that Salesforce customers in education deal with strict compliance and security regulation.

The demand to adhere to external rules and internal controls is extremely important, and the ability to track everything that happens in a Salesforce org is imperative.

Dozens of Reports

Snapshot offers educational organizations more than two dozen reports that greatly improve release management, corporate compliance, governance, and security. 

Multiple Formats

Reports are available in CSV, HTML, PDF, and XLSX format, and can be custom branded with a logo and other details. They can also be sent as email attachments or Chatter Content.

Automated Reports

Never spend time manually creating reports again! Snapshot reports can be scheduled and automated. Most reports have conditional triggers for when problems are detected.

Metadata Reports

Compliance Docs

Security Reports

Data Usage Reports

Education Use Case

Org merges are difficult in the best of times. Our customer, a large educational company, had an organically grown in-use org which means the admin team had to keep a constant eye on changes in the source org while continually moving changes untill the freeze date. There was a need to migrate both metadata and data as part of the org merge.


Our customer’s org merge involved moving metadata and data across production org boundaries that invalidate traditional Salesforce toolkits.

Additionally, this necessitated the need for a tool that allowed the intermingling of data and metadata to allow the migration team maximum flexibility while accomplishing this complex migration.

Given that the org continued to be in use while this merge was ongoing, the typical spreadsheet solution was “too little, too late” to meet the needs of the team.


Metazoa Snapshot offered a solution that combines both metadata and data migration capabilities.

This meant the admin team could rapidly switch between org configuration and data records that utilized this configuration to build up their merge solution instead of utilizing a waterfall model.

Snapshot offered a flexible, scalable security editing feature set that the team utilized to transform and merge configuration to fit into the destination org’s processes and security setup.

Snapshot’s optimization feature sets also offered an opportunity to leave behind a certain set of metadata and thus data records, that were no longer being utilized without jeopardizing the entire project.

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