Who We Are

Our mission is to build, support and sell the world’s finest Org Management application for Salesforce Administrators

Located in California, Metazoa is dedicated to building, marketing, supporting, and selling Snapshot, the world’s finest Org Management application for Salesforce. Metazoa was founded in 2018 by key members of DreamFactory Software. Our team built the first AppExchange application back in 2006. We are experts at using the Metadata API, and can provide the best practices for your change and release management process.

Snapshot provides powerful tools that help Salesforce Administrators manage the change and release process, visualize and reduce complexity, improve security and compliance, and lower the total cost of Org ownership. Features include change and release management, Org cleanup and optimization, security and compliance documentation, continuous integration, relational data migration, profile management, metadata backup and archive, and Salesforce DX compatibility. Snapshot is available as a managed package on the AppExchange.