Technical Debt Center

Find Technical Debt And Then Remove It From Your Org

Technical Debt Center provides seven powerful applications for org cleanup and optimization. The tools include Field & Picklist Usage, Stale Reports & Dashboards, Impact Analysis, Forgotten Assets, Inactive User Cleanup, and License Expense Management.


Field & Picklist Usage

Report field usage by distinct, empty and default values. Edit security and compliance information. Check field created and last modified dates. Report on picklist usage by record type. Export CSV, HTML, PDF, and Excel reports. Delete unused fields with Smart Deploy.

Last Activity Date

Discover stale Reports, Dashboards, and Email Templates. This report includes information on when each document was first used and last seen. Calculate last refresh date for dashboards. Export CSV, HTML, PDF, and Excel reports. Delete unused records with Smart Deploy.

Change Impact Analysis

Predict the impact of org changes. Generate entity relationship diagrams. This report covers all 250 metadata types and over 1200 relationships.. Browse metadata relationships. Visualize org dependencies. Debug and resolve deployment errors.

Forgotten Assets

Analyze 45 different metadata asset types. Find assets that are inactive, hidden, or no longer in use. Check asset created and last modified dates. Export CSV, HTML, PDF, and Excel reports. Delete unused assets with Smart Deploy.

User Connection Cleanup

Inactive users can remain connected to your org in over 43 different ways. Discover the problems and replace or delete the bad connections. Remap inactive object owners to active users. Discover inactive email addresses lost in metadata.

License Expense Mgmt

Compare the cost and benefit of all your Package, Feature, Organization, and Permission Set Licenses. Reassign idle licenses and save money. Discover permission vs license imbalance by user. Bulk edit and report on license assignments.

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