Metazoa Snapshot

For Salesforce Admins

Snapshot helps Salesforce admins tame out-of-control orgs

As a Salesforce Administrator, you play a critical role in translating business objectives into IT processes that help streamline systems.

This includes Salesforce org management, optimization, and maintenance. As Salesforce orgs becomes more complex and unruly, you can rely on Snapshot to help put things back in order.

Org Clones | Splits | Merges

Cloning a Salesforce org, splitting an org in two, or merging multiple orgs can be challenging. Snapshot simplifies this task by analyzing org structure, performing org comparisons, deploying metadata assets, and then migrating relational data.

Technical Debt Removal

Salesforce orgs can become extremely complex over time because of corporate mergers and acquisitions, poor change and release management practices, and failed development projects. Snapshot solves this problem by analyzing and removing technical debt from any Salesforce org.

Complete Metadata Coverage

Snapshot covers all 250 Metadata types, including fields, picklists, email templates, groups, profiles, roles, reports, and more. Getting these assets under control will help Salesforce run more efficiently and result in lower costs, better user adoption, and faster delivery of mission-critical applications.

Inactive User Cleanup

Inactive users can be connected to a Salesforce org in over 50 different ways. Snapshot automates the task of cleaning up all of these problematic connections to inactive users. This helps improve security, compliance, and org agility.

Unused Fields and Picklists

Certain custom fields in a Salesforce account are more useful than others. Some are rarely used, others not at all. Snapshot helps to identify and eliminate unnecessary, unused fields, helping Salesforce run much more efficiently.

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

You’ve successfully completed the Metazoa Metadata Studio Certification Class. With the skills you’ve acquired, you’re now adept at harnessing the power of Metazoa’s Metadata Studio, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence into Salesforce org management. You have earned you a certificate! Well done, and we wish you continued success in your future endeavors!