The importance of Org Management

Oct 12, 2021 10am PST

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Jill Hourani,
VP Marketing and Customer Success

Andrew is a System Architect for Axalta Coating Systems. His role focuses on architectural governance, overall org integrity and ensuring that their 3,500+ users have the best experience possible while using their system. As the creator, and leader, of the Architectural Review Team (ART) at Axalta, Andrew has had the great fortune of working with a global team of SFDC experts to solution a non-stop flow of requirements from their multiple business divisions. His motto: It’s not a job… it’s an adventure!

Tom is the VP of Sales at Metazoa. He has spent the last 15 years working in the Salesforce partner space leading teams with a passion for selling the tools and services needed to make Salesforce a success in the enterprise.