Constant Contact
Customer Story

Org Clean Up for Data and Metadata

“The efficiencies gained using Snapshot and Monarch save the entire team untold hours of manual processes and keep the overall environment running lean and fast.”

“By using Snapshot, Constant Contact was able to instantly identify the deltas between orgs and easily package and migrate them.”

Constant Contact is the leader in online social marketing and has over 600,000 customers. They have used for years and their environment has been through many iterations. Over time their Salesforce Orgs have become increasingly complex. There was a need to identify unused fields, reduce bloat, and remove legacy customizations. Hence they searched for a tool to help clean up both the Data and the Metadata in their account.

For example, the Lead and Opportunity objects had been extensively customized and contained over 750 fields. There was no easy way to figure out which fields were currently being used and which ones could be safely deleted. Also their Profiles and Page Layouts were in disarray. Some Profiles were very similar to others, and some were not widely used anyway. Lastly, the current process for comparing and migrating code and configuration was time consuming and tedious.

By using Snapshot, they were able to instantly identify the deltas between Orgs and easily package and migrate them. Now deployment of Page Layouts, Workflow Rules, Visual Flows and many other assets are a breeze. Differences between Profiles and changes over time can be visualized. Additionally, they are able to continuously identify unused fields and maintain a leaner environment.

On the data side. they had a more unique challenge. They have a custom object which replicates Lead Assignment Rules and allows them to process custom objects and assign values to custom fields. The rules, structured as Master detail objects in Salesforce, had to be manually generated for each Org. Using Monarch, they are now able to automate the rule generation, test it in a sandbox, and then seamlessly migrate the Rules to the Production environment.

The efficiencies gained using Snapshot save the entire team untold hours of manual processes and keep the overall environment running lean and fast. Monarch‘s ability to help with the Rule replication has been wildly popular as no other tool can offer such capabilities.

“Snapshot has eliminated the time-consuming research portion of SFDC cleanup and allowed us to hone in on the fields that we can clean up and begin analysis of the impact and usage of the best candidate fields for removal. Monarch has allowed us to move custom data from one org to another—greatly reducing risk caused by data re-entry and overall improving the quality of the testing and analysis we can do in our sandboxes.”