Impact Analysis Report

Change Impact Analysis with Entity Relationship Diagrams

This free report can browse metadata dependencies in your org and create entity relationship diagrams. See how changing any metadata asset impacts all of the other assets. Export the entity relationship diagrams and the impact analysis report.

Impact Analysis

Browse the metadata dependencies in your Org and see how everything is connected. The report covers all 250 metadata types and is aware of over 1200 different entity relationships. Explore the relationship details, or debug complicated deployments.

Relationship Diagrams

Create Entity Relationship Diagrams that shows connected assets in your Org. These diagrams can illustrate class hierarchies, application scope, and asset dependencies. Export the pictures for engineering, compliance, documentation, and deployment.

Maximum Security

The free reports from Metazoa use a desktop application that communicates directly between your personal computer and your Salesforce account for maximum security and performance. You can run the reports on any Org. There is no package to install.

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