Disaster Recovery

Companies need to archive the data and Metadata in their Salesforce Orgs for compliance and security. The Metazoa Snapshot Org Management product provides powerful tools to backup and restore Salesforce Orgs for disaster recovery. The data and Metadata can be restored in the event of data loss or customization errors.

Backup and Restore
Salesforce Orgs for Disaster Recovery

Many large companies have established policies for disaster recovery. Companies need the ability to track Org changes over time and the capability to restore the Org to any previous state. Companies in the financial and health sectors are regulated by state, federal, and foreign governments. Various regulations include SOX, PCI-DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, HCQIA, CHIP, HRRP, PSQIA, ACA, FISMA, PCI-DSS, FERPA, and most recently GDPR. Regulatory compliance requires information backup policies and planning for disaster recovery.

The customizations in a Salesforce Org provide crucial information about how the Org is structured. Almost all of this information can be captured with the Metadata API, which returns over 200 different XML documents that describe all of the customizations in a Salesforce Org. These XML documents cover everything you can imagine, such as Objects, Tabs, Applications, Apex Code, Profiles, and Page Layouts. Salesforce data can also be backed up as needed. The data in a Salesforce Org can be accessed through the SOAP API and SOQL Queries.

The Metazoa Snapshot Org Management product can be used to backup the data and Metadata in any Salesforce Org. The information can be saved as XML files on network hard disks or as Salesforce Content documents. Snapshot can also schedule regular backups that create a picture of how the Org changes over time. In the event of data loss or disaster recovery, Snapshot can restore the data and Metadata in the Org from the archived files. In some cases only a partial restoration is needed. For example, a specific customization in a Salesforce Org can be rolled back to a previous state.

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