Changes Over Time

Salesforce administrators often need to monitor Metadata changes over time. For example, they may want to see when a particular customization was created in the Org. The Metazoa Snapshot Org Management product provides powerful tools to track Salesforce Orgs over time and roll the Org back to any previous state.

Monitor Salesforce Orgs
For Metadata Changes Over Time

Each time a Metadata Snapshot is taken, the information is added to a time series. By virtue of simply using the Snapshot product, an administrator creates a time series record of all of the Metadata changes in an Org over time. The Snapshots in the time series can be compared on a line by line basis, and you can run reports on any of the Snapshots in the time series.

Each Snapshot file contains a wealth of information about the state of the Salesforce Org. The Metadata API, the Data API, the Tooling API, and the REST API are all used to collect information. The Metadata API captures the selected Metadata assets. The Data API gathers Describe data on the selected Custom Objects. The Tooling API downloads additional information about creation and modification dates. The REST API records the organizational limits. This information is automatically maintained on the client desktop computer where Snapshot is installed.

All of this data is stored on the local desktop computer. Each item on the Snapshot desktop has a corresponding folder that contains the time series data. The Snapshot file can be automatically sent in email or saved to a repository as part of the scheduling and automation process. This information provides a foundation for compliance, and is also a necessary resource for the backup and recovery of the Salesforce Org.

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Snapshot provides powerful tools for Salesforce Administrators that help manage the change and release process, visualize org complexity, improve security and compliance, and lower the total cost of Org ownership. Visit the AppExchange to start a 14 day free trial or click the button below to schedule a demo.