User Permissions

Profiles and Permission Sets control what Salesforce Users can see and do. The Metazoa Snapshot Org Management product can compare Salesforce Profiles and Permission Sets, bulk edit permission values, and combine a User Profile with their assigned Permission Sets in order to see the true combined security permissions.

Compare Salesforce
Profiles and Permission Sets

The Profiles and Permission Sets report shows all of your Profiles or Permission Sets down the left-hand column and the selected Metadata sub types across the top. The sub types include: Apex Page Accesses, Apex Page Accesses, Application Visibility, Field Permissions, Layout Assignments, Object Permissions, Record Type Visibility, Tab Visibility, User Permissions, and Custom Permissions.

These reports document all of the characteristics of your Profiles and Permission Sets in a single easy to read tabular report. Looking down any column will show the permissions for a single Metadata asset by Profile or Permission Set. Reading across any row will show the permissions for a single Profile or Permission Set by each Metadata asset. The report can be saved either in HTML, PDF, or CSV. As usual, all of these reports can be scheduled and automated for archive or email purposes.

An administrator can assign any number of Permission Sets to a user. Permission Sets are similar to Profiles. They are used to grant additional permissions for special situations. The Snapshot Profiles and Permission Sets dialog includes a Combined Security Report that shows the base Profile and each assigned Permission Set contribute to the actual security permissions for selected users. This is a key report for security and compliance. For example, a company could document which users have been granted access to fields that contain customer information. Permission Sets that changed the base Profile are shown in green, Permission Sets that were not effective are shown in red.

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