Push and Pull Source

Salesforce DX can be used to create any number of Scratch Orgs in your Dev Hub. The Metazoa Snapshot Org Management product can launch these Scratch Orgs in the browser, and also Push and Pull Source from any Salesforce DX Scratch Org. This technology enables developers to create Source Driven Projects on their local machine with Salesforce DX.

Push and Pull Source
with Salesforce DX Scratch Orgs

After you do an initial push, Salesforce DX tracks the changes between your local file system and your Scratch Org. If you change your Scratch Org, you usually want to pull those changes to your local project to keep both in sync. During development, you change files locally in your file system and change the Scratch Org using the builders and editors that Salesforce supplies. Usually, these changes don’t cause a conflict and involve unique files.

Metazoa Snapshot has visual tools to Push and Pull Source from a Salesforce DX Scratch Org. You can select an existing Scratch Org or create a new one at any time. The tools display information about local assets in the project folder that could be pushed to the Scratch Org, and remote assets in the Scratch Org that could be pulled down. The Source Push button will deploy any local adds to the currently selected Scratch Org. The status list will update after the metadata deployment. The Source Pull button will retrieve any remote adds from the currently selected Scratch Org. The status list will update after the Metadata is retrieved and the local project is updated.

The Push and Pull Source command works with Scratch Orgs only. If you’re synchronizing source to any other Org, use the Metadata API. By default, only changed source is synced back to your project. The pull command does not handle merges. Projects and Scratch Orgs are meant to be used by one developer. Therefore, we don’t anticipate file conflicts or the need to merge. However, if the pull command detects a conflict, it terminates the operation and displays the conflict information. The short movie below shows how to Push and Pull Source to a Salesforce DX Scratch Org.

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