Org Splits and Mergers

When companies merge or divide, Salesforce administrators may be faced with the difficult job of cloning, merging, or splitting complex Salesforce Orgs. The Metazoa Snapshot Org Management product has powerful data and Metadata comparison and deployment tools that can assist with this task.

Splitting and Merging
Complex Salesforce Orgs

Snapshot provides highly visual tools for retrieving Metadata from any Salesforce account or developer repository. Metadata assets can be moved into a partial or full Sandbox, and after quality assurance and user acceptance testing, deployed into a production Org. As part of the migration process, Snapshot provides two dozen security and compliance reports that help you analyze Metadata structure, data usage, and account security. These tools can be especially helpful when Salesforce administrators are assigned the difficult task of cloning, merging, or splitting Salesforce Orgs.

When moving Metadata between any two Orgs, you will first need to create a source and destination Snapshot. Then you can double-click the deployment arrow to move metadata from the source to the destination Org. Next, you will need to build Job Lists for the metadata assets that you want to create and delete. Because of Metadata dependencies, you may want to move assets in a particular order. Here are the best practices for moving Metadata types between Orgs:

1. Objects
2. Apex Classes
3. Apex Components
4. Apex Pages
5. Apex Triggers
6. S-Controls
7. Page Layouts
8. Static Resources
9. Letterheads
10. Workflows
11. Report Types
12. Home Page Web Links
13. Home Page Components
14. Home Page Layouts
15. Custom Tabs
16. Custom Labels
17. Custom Applications
18. Custom Object Translations
19. Custom Sites
20. Profiles
21. Permission Sets

You can use the Snapshot Metadata Comparison report to verify that the required Metadata Types are the same in any two Orgs. Additional Metadata deployments may be required to make the Orgs have the same architecture. When the Metadata is looking good, you can start to move Custom Objects as well. The Snapshot Build Datasets and Migrate Datasets capability can move connected sets of data between Orgs as needed. The short movie below shows how to use the Take Snapshot tool and the Metadata Deployment interface to move assets between Salesforce Orgs.

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Snapshot provides powerful tools for Salesforce Administrators that help manage the change and release process, visualize org complexity, improve security and compliance, and lower the total cost of Org ownership. Visit the AppExchange to start a 14 day free trial or click the button below to schedule a demo.