Unused Fields

Salesforce Orgs can contain unused fields and picklist values. The Metazoa Snapshot Org Management product has an Unused Fields and Picklists Report that allows a Salesforce administrator to find fields and picklists that are not in active use. Snapshot also has deployment tools that an Administrator can use to remove unused fields from Salesforce during the next release cycle.

Remove Unused Fields and Picklists
from Salesforce

Salesforce Orgs can become more and more complex over time. Complexity can result in slow performance, reduced agility, and security problems. A major source of complexity is forgotten assets that are no longer in use. Old projects must be cleaned up to make room for new initiatives, or any Salesforce org can become unhealthy over time.

Our Metazoa Snapshot product has a report that can discover unused fields and picklists in any Salesforce Org. The Unused Fields and Picklists report will show the total number of fields, the number of fields that have no data, the number of fields that have the default value, and the number of fields that have distinct values. This report is used by Salesforce administrators to find fields that can be safely deleted from the Org during the next release cycle.

For example, the Account Name will be highly distinct. Almost every Account will have a unique name. But the Account Postal Code will have fewer distinct values. Therefore, if you find fields that are not very distinct, the chances are that they are not being utilized, or perhaps they have many empty or default values. The Unused Fields and Picklists report will also show you when a field was last created or modified. This can help you decide when a field or picklist value is not being used and can be safely deleted. The short movie below shows how the Snapshot Unused Fields and Picklists report works, and also shows how to delete fields in the metadata deployment interface.

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