Deployment Pipeline

The Metazoa Snapshot Org Management product provides drag and drop tools that enable Salesforce administrators to build highly visual deployment pipelines. Administrators can create any number of deployment pipelines, switch between different pipelines as needed, and share the pipelines with team members.

Build Visual Deployment
Pipelines For Salesforce

Snapshot provides tools to create a visual map of your Salesforce release environment. Developer Projects can be connected to Salesforce Sandboxes, which in turn can be connected to the Production Org. This visual map can be changed over time to support a wide variety of release management scenarios. All of the snapshots and Metadata deployments on the desktop can be scheduled and automated as needed. The Snapshot desktop provides a visual guide to Metadata flows from the source to destination. Your implementation might be more or less detailed depending on your process and needs. The Snapshot desktop provides a flexible way to rewire your release environment over time and accommodate new projects and reports.

The workspaces can be shared and locked, preventing any changes to the release management process. In this manner, Administrators can specify the Orgs and Projects that other developers or consultants should be focused on. Super Admins can specify the types of data and Metadata that are allowed to be deployed in the release flow. Super Admins can also set up Code Quality Gateways for developers. The visual workspaces can also be archived, to provide a permanent record of the release management process for compliance or documentation.

Building Visual Deployment Pipelines with Snapshot


Snapshot is a robust tool that enables Salesforce Administrators and developers to visually manage deployment pipelines. With its user-friendly interface, users can efficiently move metadata, divide organizations, automate snapshots, and create reports. Snapshot also features a Workspace Manager that helps in creating and managing multiple workspaces.

Setting Up Deployment Pipelines

Moving Metadata Between Sandboxes

  1. Open Snapshot and navigate to the visual deployment pipeline interface.
  2. Identify the sandbox from which you want to move metadata. This is your source sandbox.
  3. Identify the User Testing Organization (org) where you want to move the metadata. This is your destination.
  4. Click on the source sandbox and draw a deployment arrow to connect it to the destination User Testing org.
    • This establishes a link for metadata deployment between the two.

Merging Metadata from Multiple Sandboxes

  1. If there are elements in multiple sandboxes that you want to deploy to the User Testing org, connect them using deployment arrows.
  2. The deployment tools are available on the arrow, while reporting tools can be found on the item.

Dividing an Organization into Two Parts

  1. To split an org into two, connect the source org with two different destination orgs using deployment arrows.
  2. This will allow you to divide the metadata and other elements between the two destination orgs.

Automated Snapshots and Reporting

  1. To set up automated snapshots for reporting, create a new snapshot.
  2. Configure the schedule for automation as per your requirements (e.g., monthly).
  3. The visual metaphor of the pipeline simplifies the setup, making it intuitive and easy to use.

Workspace Manager

  1. The Workspace Manager is a feature in Snapshot that allows you to create and switch between multiple workspaces effortlessly.
  2. To create a new workspace, navigate to Workspace Manager and select the option to create a new workspace.
  3. You can also import and export workspaces, enabling you to share them with your team members.
    • For instance, an administrator might have a complex workspace for managing metadata, while a developer might have a simpler workspace focusing on code development.


Snapshot is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of Salesforce administration by providing an intuitive visual interface for managing deployment pipelines. Its ability to move metadata, automate snapshots, and create custom workspaces makes it an indispensable tool for Salesforce administrators and developers.

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Snapshot provides powerful tools for Salesforce Administrators that help manage the change and release process, visualize org complexity, improve security and compliance, and lower the total cost of Org ownership. Visit the AppExchange to start a 14 day free trial or click the button below to schedule a demo.

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