The Complete Solution for Salesforce Admins!

Snapshot provides powerful tools that help Salesforce Administrators manage the change and release process, visualize and reduce complexity, improve security and compliance, and lower the total cost of org ownership. Two weeks free trial available.

  • Take snapshots of org metadata. Compare metadata differences. Track configuration changes over time. Save and restore backups. Document every deployment for compliance. Schedule sequential migrations, roll backs, quick deployments, and package installs.
  • Over 40 security and compliance reports document every aspect of your Salesforce account. Discover security flaws and changes to permissions over time. Clean up forgotten assets, unused objects and fields. Untangle complex relationships and dependencies.
  • Set up continuous integration between any Salesforce org, content repository, or project folder. CI is triggered by metadata differences or recent deployments. Connect and synchronize with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure DevOps. Salesforce DX ready.

RELEASE MANAGEMENT: Migrate metadata from sandbox to production, Divide, merge, and clone orgs, Schedule migrations, roll backs, and quick deployments.

CLEANUP & OPTIMIZATION: Over 40 reports include profiles and permission sets, unused fields and picklists, Apex code coverage, PMD code quality, and forgotten assets.

SECURITY & COMPLIANCE: Archive metadata for disaster recovery, track changes over time, and enforce code quality. Document your org with data dictionary.

CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION: Connect and synchronize any Salesforce org, content repository, 0r project folder, Trigger integration by differences for DevOps.

DATA MIGRATION: Backup and restore org data. Migrate related data. Populate sandbox data, Import CSV files. Scramble field values, Prebuilt templates for CPQ and FSL.

PROFILE MANAGEMENT: Rapidly edit User Permission Assignments, Automatically Create Permission Set Groups, Merge similar Profiles.

” Even without using the full deployment tools, this tool has saved me hours of time tracking down discrepancies between sandboxes and production. The tool is admin friendly by being able to compare side by side and have the code differences highlighted for quick review. This has saved me more than once. Working with outside vendors and multiple sandboxes, when deployment processes are not fully established it’s so painful to find where the path derailed. This is a must have for everyone’s Salesforce toolbox! “

– Kim McClure
Senior Salesforce Administrator at Nav