Profiles and
Permission Sets

Explore User Profiles and Permissions With A Visual Matrix

This free report shows Profiles and Permission Sets by Apex Classes and Pages, Custom Objects and Fields, Tab and Application Visibility, and User Permissions. Create a Combined Security report with the Profile and all assigned Permission Sets by User.


Detailed Reports

Generate a detailed report with all of the settings for any Profile, Permission Set, or Permission Set Group in matrix format. Export the table for compliance, governance, and security. Create a permanent archive that documents all User Permissions.

Combined Security

Generate a Combined Security report that shows the Profile and all assigned Permission Sets by User. This is a vital report for org security because the actual end User Permissions are documented. Muting Permissions and Groups are calculated correctly.

Maximum Security

The free reports from Metazoa use a desktop application that communicates directly between your personal computer and your Salesforce account for maximum security and performance. You can run the reports on any Org. There is no package to install.

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