The Quarterly Snapshot #3

October 31, 2019


Newsletter – Issue 3- October 2019

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the weather is (finally) cooling down, and excitement is in the air. Of course, I’m referring to Dreamforce. Just take a look at twitter- the buzz is all around. We’re no exception here at Metazoa.

Dreamforce is more than just a conference. It’s a gathering of like-minded individuals, eager to learn, share, and connect. It’s a chance to visit with all of our friends, users, and VIP’s (you know who you are)…and of course to make a whole lot of new friends during those four crazy days. Are you ready for it? I know we are!

Jennifer Mercer – CEO

We are looking forward to attending Dreamforce this year!
Meet us in the Trailhead area where we will tell you why we are the #1 Salesforce Org Management solution!

Come by and get our adorable, coveted, Woolly Plushie when you get a demo! And, we have some pretty amazing stickers too!

Stop by to say hi and learn more about Snapshot!

Our talks and panels:

How entrepreneurs find success on the AppExchange

Forbidden Secrets of the Metadata API

Optimizing Your AppExchange Leads for Partner Success

Org Based Vs. Source Based
Release Management and Software Development

Profile and Permission Set Management​

Dreamforce 2019 Karaoke for a Cause

PepUpTech is back for the third year in a row with Karaoke for a Cause and Metazoa is proudly sponsoring!

Your ticket purchase includes drinks, food, amazing company, lots of fun and will help PepUp Tech support tech training programs for underrepresented children and adults across the United States. Help us make a difference and have fun while doing it!

This event will sell out quickly so don’t delay! See you there!


Mon, Nov 18th 2019 at 7:30 PM PDT


Mon, Nov 18th 2019 at 11:30 PM PDT

50 Mason Street in San Francisco

Get your tickets

VIP Spotlight

Meet our VIP and friend, Leyna Hoffer! Besides being a Senior Manager of Salesforce Operations at A-LIGN, she has also been a Content Manager for Midwest Dreamin’ in 2014 and 2015, a co-leader of the Twin Cities User Group for nine years, a presenter at Dreamforce for the past eight years, and holder of six Salesforce certifications and a nine-time Salesforce MVP!

Meet Leyna Hoffer

When asked how she got involved in Salesforce, Hoffer answered, “I kind of fell into it. In 2002, I was working for Silicon Graphics (SGI), a supercomputer company, as a database coordinator,” she relates. “When the decision to purchase Salesforce as their CRM was made, they needed someone to take on the administration. They asked me if I was willing to learn, and of course, I said, ‘sure.’”

Snapshot Feature Update

At Metazoa, we are always striving to enhance Snapshot with new features and capabilities requested by our customers. Here are some recent new features and feature enhancements that you will love.

OAuth Support : Snapshot now supports OAuth endpoints. This means you can completely rely on or mix-match with your SSO setup with Salesforce authentication while using Snapshot.

Expanded Large Org Backups : Take Snapshot (metadata backup) process has been completely rewritten to expand footprint as well as improve backup performance. Translation: Backup more in less time.

Snapshot Notes: Annotate metadata across Orgs using Snapshot Notes. Annotations are displayed in various interfaces across the product including View Assets, Deploy Assets, Data Dictionary etc.

Winter ’20 support: Snapshot supports Winter ’20. Go to town with your Timed Flows!

Trim Tables: Focus on exactly what you are looking for using Trim Tables in View Profiles, Compare Profiles. These extend to Permission Set views as well.

Persistent Asset Filters in Deploy Metadata: Quickly Hide/ Show/ Select metadata using various filter mechanism. Think “Hide all identical metadata” or “Select Page Layouts modified by Jake that are older than than the destination”.

Features Coming Soon

Profile optimizations: Merge Profiles to generate a base set of Profiles and appropriate Permission Sets with optional user reassignments.

Data migration templates: Pre-built data templates for migrating CPQ, Marketing Cloud etc data.

Did you know?

Snapshot has so many amazing features that we wanted to make sure you know about some of our fan favorites, so each quarter, we will highlight one or two features in the “Did you Know” section of our newsletter.

Did you know about our Forgotten Assets Report ?

Org Optimization feature set is designed to help you identify unused and underused metadata assets in your Org. One of the prime facets of the Org Optimization feature sets in Snapshot is the Forgotten Assets Report. The Forgotten Assets report works like Salesforce Optimizer but without any size and number restrictions. In other words, it can analyze Org metadata like Email Templates, Groups, Roles, Queues, Profiles, Permission Sets, etc. and identify disconnected or unused metadata.

Using the Forgotten Assets report, you can:

  • Identify ignored or forgotten metadata to revive or clean up

  • Generate a job list of metadata to cleanse from your Org

  • Send automated, scheduled notifications to initiate aided Org optimization phases

Cleaning up Salesforce Before you Move to Lightning

Last month we hosted a very popular webinar called “Cleaning up Salesforce Before you Move to Lightning.” We had Yelena Slobard, from, co-host with us, and it was a hit! Here is a summary of the webinar and to learn more, you can watch the replay

Highlights of the webinar:

With Winter ’20 release upon us, many users will be facing Lightning for the first time. To help your users transition happily to Lightning, it is important to first look at some of the possible items that can cause a slow down in the system. Using Snapshot will ensure that you don’t have too many fields on a Page Layout, as the more fields on the page, the slower Lightning is going to go.

  • We walked through the process of sorting through a single object’s fields and the number of times they are filled in.
  • We examined if a field is on a page layout and combined it with the frequency of population of those fields.
  • Lena Demonstrated how Snapshot is used to determine if a field is used somewhere else in the system so that you can feel safe with your decision to delete it.
  • We explored other ways how Snapshot can help you optimize your org

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

You’ve successfully completed the Metazoa Metadata Studio Certification Class. With the skills you’ve acquired, you’re now adept at harnessing the power of Metazoa’s Metadata Studio, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence into Salesforce org management. You have earned you a certificate! Well done, and we wish you continued success in your future endeavors!